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Rope Access Course & Training In Sydney Australia

If you want to reach new heights, rope access training is just what you need. You will learn the essential skills required for working in suspense. The chance of a lifetime is awaiting you at Atlas Access.

We offer a rope access course that will challenge you and even thrill you, but naturally, with our competent and highly skilled instructors, you will also be completely safe.

The skills you will learn in this course are fundamental requirements for working safely at heights while working on any kind of suspended platform, in a suspension harness, or where you might realistically need to use skills such as abseiling or rappelling.

Safety is the most important thing when performing this kind of work, so we make sure you have all the information and skills you will need in order to work safely and effectively.

What kind of career opportunities will rope access training open for me?

Rope access is required in situations where a ladder, crane, or scaffolding would not be appropriate or practical.

Some examples of situations where rope access skills are valuable include:

  • Cleaning – the exterior surfaces of buildings need to be kept clean, and for really tall buildings the only realistic way to keep them clean is to use rope access. The most usual method is a suspended platform that is raised or lowered on a cable, with normally a crew of two persons.
  • Sign installation – installing signs on buildings or other high places often requires similar skills and equipment to cleaning at altitude. The dangers are actually higher when installing signs because you have more things that you need to think about, and of course dropping anything could cause serious injury or damage to people and objects at ground level.
  • Painting – painting bridges, buildings, towers, etc, also requires rope access skills.
  • Rescue operations – although rescue work requires additional training beyond rope access training, the skills you learn in rope access training will be useful in a rescue situation.
  • Building inspection and repairs – sometimes it's necessary to get up close and personal when checking buildings for problems. In those situations where the only way to get where you need to be is by rope
  • access, you must have rope access training in order to do it safely and legally.

This is not the limit of the kinds of work that may require rope access skills, but hopefully this short introduction provides some insight into how useful these skills can be.

Atlas Access is the trusted name in rope access training for Australia

You have the opportunity to get trained by the very best rope access instructors when you come to Atlas Access for your training.

We will provide comprehensive training that can be used for any work involving rope access in Sydney or anywhere else in Australia. Depending on local laws, your skills may even take you to projects in other parts of the world if you want to take things that far.

One thing that's for sure is when you have rope access skills; your work is never boring. It's not the usual 9 to 5 grind, and you'll usually have the best view in town.

If you like the idea of getting to the top quickly, call Atlas Access today and find out more about our rope access training courses.

Atlas Access is a specialist Industrial Rope Access operation providing a comprehensive package of Inspection, Maintenance, Repair, Operational Services & Training Solutions to a wide range of industry groups throughout Australasia.

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