Rope Access - Commercial Services

Atlas Access is industrial rope access operator specializing in providing a comprehensive package of Inspection, Maintenance, Repair and Operational Services to a wide range of industry groups throughout Australia which range from multinationals to private individuals covering work from major operations to one-off projects.

Atlas Access Commercial Services:

Rigging Contractors, Civil Engineering & Inspection Companies, Construction Companies & Building Contractors, Property Management Companies, Hospitality & Entertainment Industry and many others.

What are the benefits of using rope access?

Rope access generates considerable savings.

Rapid installation and dismantling of the rope access systems does not cause any disruption to building tenants, pedestrians and traffic flow.

Rope access systems can be installed and dismantled quickly. They are removed from site at end of each day. This minimizes potential for unauthorized access, vandalism & theft.

Single contact point for the client. Rope access technicians provide both access and undertake the required work.

A practical, safe solution with the ability to solve difficult access problems that might otherwise absorb a disproportionate amount of time and money.